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It is Rowan here. A lot of time has passed since we wrote in the journal. As you can see Milo and I have a gorgeous daughter, Raven. It has been a long tough winter, being a plantsim. I am glad spring is finally here.
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Last winter I moved out and started living in the apartments next to the police station.  Well, I am glad to inform you that I am the lucky first resident in the new, brick built apartments!  I could never have imagined such luxury, it is the sort of place you only see in the old books and magazines.

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There has been so much happening in Lazy River since I last updated the journal. We have moved on from being a small group of survivors struggling to survive to a small, and growing, community.
If you compare the photograph below with the one taken when we first arrived at Lazy River you won't see much difference. A few more houses and a cluster of buildings in the centre of the valley. But as a community we have changed so much.Read more... )
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It is Scout Bennett here again. It has been a long time since the last journal entry. At the end of our first year here the journal went missing. The Millar's were the last to write in it, I have my suspicions that one of them may have read something about herself she didn't like and tried to hide it. That is the reason we have the rule that you don't read other peoples entries. How can we be honest and objective otherwise?
Want to
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This is James Peters here, the ginger guy is Johnson and the kid is his brother, Lennie. 
Peters - Spring 1 )
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Dear Diary, I'm not sure why I've been given this but I've been told it's a requirement of us living here. 
Millar - Spring 1 )
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Hello peeps, it's your favourite little badger girl Rose here! 
Jackson II - Spring 1 )

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It Quinn here again.  Lucas and Rose have moved out, it seems when he was helping build Scout's house he was also building himself a new house too! 
Jackson - Spring 1 )
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Spring has been horrendous, I mean, stupifyingly awful!  I think I have hit rock bottom, surely things can't get any worse that this?
Sampson - Spring 1 )

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It's Milo here, I wanted to take a turn of writing in the journal and Bonnie, well, she's actually quite busy, for a change! 
Harris - Spring 1 )
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I had a "Duh!" moment last night. 

Why don't I just upload the pictures to my other Photobucket account?  Now how easy was that....

Edited to add: I will only be adding new updates to my other Photobucket account, if you want to read the older ones you will need to wait till the 13th.
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It's Spring now here in Lazy River and I always think of Spring as a time for new beginnings, and it certainly has been.
Bennett - Spring 1 )

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Lucas has passed on journal writing duties to me, Callan, this time. 
Jackson, Winter 1 )

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Reuben Darcy, Winter, Year One PD
Darcy, Winter 1 )
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It has been a winter of surprises, some good, some..... surprising!
Sampson, Winter 1 )

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Bonnie here again!  I'm loving writing these little updates. 
Harris, Winter 1 )
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Winter has been long and tiring. 
Bennet, Winter 1 )
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Lucas here.  Quinn and Callan have just had a huge argument
Jackson, Autumn 1 )



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